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Brand: Shuang Weng
size: 690*300mm
colour: Ivory white
material: ABS
Price: 30.00USD/pieces
Min.Order: 17 pieces
Supply 17000 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within 5 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
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Company Detail

Urine diversion dehydration toilet

The new type of urine-diverting toilet squats implements separate collection, processing, and utilization of urinals, no water flushing, and no freezing in winter. It is mainly targeted at the vast rural areas without sewers. The principle is to collect feces and urine separately. Harmful urine is directly used as fertilizer after short-term fermentation, and feces containing parasite eggs and intestinal pathogenic bacteria are harmlessly treated by dry dehydration and natural degradation to form rotten humus for recycling. Zh
A. Scope of use: Since the dry-sealed faecal and urine-diverting toilets do not need water flush at all during use, they are suitable for farmers in mountainous or water-scarce areas and high and cold areas. Zh
B. Basic structure: It consists of toilet house, urine-diverting toilet, men's wall-mounted urinal, urine diversion tube, urine storage tank, septic tank, exhaust pipe, sun board, etc. Zh
C. Toilet: The urine-diverting squat (seat) toilet has two front and rear outlets. The front part is smaller for urination. The inner diameter of the urination port is not less than 50㎜. The larger end is used for defecation, and the inner diameter of the defecation mouth is not less than 160-180㎜, and it is connected to the feces storage tank. The toilet is covered to prevent odor from overflowing. If conditions permit, a men's toilet can be provided and communicated with a urine collection tube or a urine reservoir. Zh
D. Urine storage tank: The volume is about 0.5m3, and it is built on the non-direct sunlight surface. Below the frozen soil layer, it can be installed with buckets to collect. It is suitable for farmers who use urine fertilizer. Manure storage tanks: built on the ground, underground or semi-ground depending on the level of the groundwater level. The single storage faeces is not less than 0.8m3, and the recommended length is 1200㎜ and the width is 1000; the double dung storage tanks are recommended to be 1500㎜ in length and 800㎜ in height, and the effective volume of each tank should not be less than 0.5m3. Zh
E. Exhaust pipe: An exhaust pipe should be installed at the upper end of the septic tank, at least 500㎜ above the toilet roof, and rain caps (fly, wind, etc.) should be installed.
F. Avoid water rush. The harmless way of faecal and urine-diverting toilets is to cover and dehydrate. The faeces and urine should be completely separated to avoid water flushing. Then add dry ash (grass ash, stove ash, courtyard soil, etc.) in the pit, and the amount is more than The amount of manure should be kept dry until the storage tank, the coverage time of the plant ash is not less than 3 months, the coverage time of the furnace ash, loess, etc. is not less than 10 months, and the new toilet is not less than 100㎜ Dry ash.
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