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Corn cylinder cleaning sieve

Brand: 得发盛
KW: 13.5KW
total length of structure: 6.8M
Machine Height: 4.2M
Price: 1.50USD/台
Min.Order: 1 台
Supply 200 台
Delivery: Shipment within 7 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
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Company Detail
 Application features:

The machine vibrating screen, cylinder sieve, removing impurity and dust removal machine performance as a whole, fundamentally changed the traditional single first cleaning sieve performance, noise, high dust, low efficiency, realize the large and small impurities of impurities, the separation of organic impurities, inorganic impurities one-time and expelling, make its can reach the standard stipulated by the * *, is the current domestic raw grain cleaning machine equipment, is a revolution of the cleaning machine and breakthrough, suitable for rice grain reserve, * * company, winery, starch factory, feed factory, etc.All the staff of our company promise to our customers: our factory will repay our customers' support with our ** products.

Main features:

The advanced dual sedimentation system and the closed air collection system of the cage can completely eliminate the dust at the inlet and outlet of the cage.Improve the ability of automatic collection, reduce labor intensity

Fully enclosed waterfall feeding hopper is adopted to eliminate dust, uniform feeding, larger output, and over 80 tons of wheat per hour are cleaned.Corn above 85 tons per hour;Over 35 tons of rice per hour.

High efficiency fan, large air volume, stronger cleaning ability;Multi-tube high efficiency dust collector, more thorough separation, better sedimentation effect.

Unique sieve structure, large yield, good cleaning effect, after cleaning the raw grain impurity rate can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0.3% and 1.0%.

Unique miscellaneous pipe connection, convenient bag connection, with no dust.

One machine for three purposes;The round hole with diameter of 12-15-20mm was used for wheat sieve, 19-25mm round hole for rice and 22-25mm round hole for corn.

Technical parameters:

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