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silicon thermal cloth 1.0w/m.k

Brand: JiuYing
Thermal coefficient: 1.0w/m.k
Default dimension: 0.3mm*300mm*50m
Temperature resistance: -70℃ - 250℃
Price: 35.00USD/roll
Min.Order: 10 roll
Supply 100000 roll
Delivery: Shipment within 7 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
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Company Detail

Thermal silicone cloth

Thermal conductive silicone cloth is also called silicone rubber fiberglass cloth,using the high temperature and high strength glass fiber cloth as a base material,

and it is a high performance and multi-purpose composite material.


 high temperature resistance,low temperature resistance(-70℃ - 250℃),good thermal insulation and thermal conductivity,good toughness and good tearing resistance,can be cut freely,good chemical corrosion resistance,oil resistance,waterproof (can be scrubbed),heat-resistant aging and weathering resistance,high insulation,heat dissipation,and shock absorption,etc.

Common specifications

can be processed into different shapes of sheets according to customers,and can also be customized according to customer requirements with the thickness of the adhesive products and processing.



Switching power supply,communication devices,computers,flat panel televisions,mobile devices,video devices,network products,household appliances, etc.

The filling of heat source and heat dissipation module or shell,insulation filling between electric heating body and outer shell.Silicone rubber coated glass fiber structure

As the base material of the flexible expansion joint, the material has high service temperature,anti-corrosion and aging resistance,excellent elasticity and flexibility.Already

Widely used in chemical industry,cement,steel,energy and other fields,and achieved good results.

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