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SR-121463A 185913-79-5

Brand: 医药中间体
cas: 185913-79-5
分子式: C17H22ClNO3
英文名称: SR-121463A
Price: 8600.00USD/公斤
Min.Order: 1 公斤
Supply 100 公斤
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
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Company Detail
 SR-121463A  185913-79-5
价格:8600元/公斤 含量:99% 包装:25公斤
化学名称 N-tert-Butyl-4-[5'-ethoxy-4-[2-(4-morpholinyl)ethoxy]-2'-oxospiro[cyclohexane-1,3'-indolin]-1'-ylsulfonyl]-3-methoxybenzamide fumarate
The reduction of diethyl 3-(methoxymethoxy)glutarate (I) with LiAlH4 in THF gives 3-(methoxymethoxy)pentane-1,5-diol (II), which is treated with Ts-OH and TEA in THF to yield the disulfonate (III). The condensation of (III) with 5-ethoxyindolin-2-one (IV) by means of tBu-OK in THF affords the spiro compound (V), which is deprotected with HCl in methanol to afford the spiranic alcohol (VI). The oxidation of (VI) with pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) over Al2O3 provides the spiranic cyclohexanone (VII), which is treated with 2-chloroethanol (VIII) and Ms-OH in toluene to give the ketal (IX). The reaction of (IX) with zinc borohydride and trimethylsilyl chloride in ethyl ether/dichloromethane yields the 2-chloroethoxy derivative (X), which is condensed with 4-(N-tert-butylcarbamoyl)-2-methoxybenzenesulfonyl chloride (XI) by means of tBu-OK in THF to afford the adduct (XII). Finally, the target compound is obtained by condensation of (XII) with morpholine (XIII) by means of NaI in DMF, followed by treatment with fumaric acid.
2-FDCK CAS号:111982-50-4    Diclazepam CAS号:2894-68-0
SR-121463A CAS; 185913-79-5  Lexaurin 1812-30-2
MXE Methoxetamine CAS号:1239943-76-0  Delorazepam 2894-67-9
Ald-52 3270-02-8             oxazepam 604-75-1
Phencyclidine CAS号:77-10-1 clonazepam 1622-61-3
PCP hydrochloride CAS号:956-90-1 Flupyrazopon 31352-82-6
MDMB-CHMICA 1715016-78-6 oniria 36735-22-5
3-MeO-PCP 72242-03-6
4-MeO-PCP 91164-58-8
3-MMC 1246816-62-5
4-AcO-DMT 92292-84-7
4-AcO-MET  1445751-40-5
4-CEC 22198-75-0 
4-HO-MiPT 77872-43-6
5-MEO-DMT 1019-45-0
6-APB 286834-84-2
6-APB 286834-85-3 
6-APDB  1281872-58-9 
6-APT 3160-20-1
Gastro-Caine 99232-07-2
HEXEN 18410-62-3
BK-EBDP 8492312-32-2
2-FMA 1017176-48-5
3-HO-PCP 79787-43-2
3-MeO-PCE 1364933-80-1
DCK 4631-27-0 
5F-ADB 1715016-75-3
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